Contact: Portia McKenzie (facilitator) 02102289026

The Connectors Group

The Connectors Group are a group of community representatives dedicated to driving the community plan towards completion. Members of this group have been selected as they understand the context of their community, belong to a range of interest groups and can network for opportunities or partnerships. 

To join in the discussion you can chat to a connector directly or come along and join in one of the public workshops, we'd love to hear from you!

Connectors Group Workshop

Connectors Group Workshop

Your connectors

Reon Tuanau (Co-Chair)

Dame Peggy Koopman-Boyden (Co-Chair)

Allan Sole (Community Board rep)

Marilyn Roberts (Community Board rep)

Portia McKenzie (Facilitator)

Alan Kurtovich

Andrew Kennedy

Don Fraser

Jim Cowern

John Mutlow

Kelly Moselen

Ross Goudie

Sue-Ellen Parker

Trish Coates